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Знакомства для взрослых

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TargetTypeGeoPayoutLevelHoldPostclickApprove rate (%)AN
Effective registrationCPLGermanyGermany425.8087.20 USD23 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLRussiaRussia UkraineUkraine11.8280.20 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLArgentinaArgentina PolandPoland47.3120.80 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLArgentinaArgentina70.9681.20 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLItalyItaly85.7531.45 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLCanadaCanada103.4951.75 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLAustriaAustria104.08641.76 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLAustraliaAustralia739.2512.50 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLIrelandIreland118.282.00 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLItalyItaly162.6352.75 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLPolandPoland163.03722.7568 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLAustriaAustria189.2483.20 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLGreat BritainGreat Britain212.9043.60 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLCanadaCanada340.0555.75 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLAustraliaAustralia369.6256.25 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLFranceFrance399.1956.75 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLCanadaCanada428.7657.25 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLFinlandFinland452.4217.65 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLItalyItaly501.40078.4782 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLAustraliaAustralia FranceFrance532.269.00 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLGhanaGhana14.7850.25 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data5
ComissionCPLCzech RepublicCzech Republic73.9251.25 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data5
ComissionCPLJapanJapan94.6241.60 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data5
ComissionCPLBelgiumBelgium103.4951.75 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data5
ComissionCPLItalyItaly139.58812.3603 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data5
ComissionCPLBelgiumBelgium RussiaRussia UkraineUkraine141.9362.40 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data5
ComissionCPLGreat BritainGreat Britain147.852.50 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data5
ComissionCPLJapanJapan236.564.00 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data5
ComissionCPLSwedenSweden570.7019.65 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data5
ComissionCPLKenyaKenya41.3980.700 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLPolandPoland189.2483.200 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data5
ComissionCPLGreat BritainGreat Britain114.211.50000 GBP01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
Бесплатная регистрацияCPLThe United States of AmericaThe United States of America88.711.50 USD01 Access Level730No data4
Бесплатная регистрацияCPLJapanJapan86.93581.47 USD01 Access Level730No data5
Two click BillingCPLItalyItaly138.862 EUR01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
Correct registrationCPLArgentinaArgentina35.4840.60 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
Correct registrationCPLThe United States of AmericaThe United States of America106.4521.80 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
Correct registrationCPLCanadaCanada118.282.00 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
Correct registrationCPLDenmarkDenmark FinlandFinland NorwayNorway266.134.50 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
registrationCPL Eastern Samoa Eastern Samoa AfghanistanAfghanistan AlbaniaAlbania AlgeriaAlgeria AndorraAndorra and further 233147.852.50 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLItalyItaly266.134.50 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLItalyItaly316.3995.35 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLItalyItaly372.5826.30 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
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