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Дополнение для приложения Whatapp

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TargetTypeGeoPayoutLevelHoldPostclickApprove rate (%)AN
ComissionCPLIndiaIndia29.9780.52 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLColombiaColombia32.26670.5597 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLPeruPeru49.33690.8558 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLIraqIraq54.76750.95 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLColombiaColombia61.66821.0697 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLSingaporeSingapore645.6811.20 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLGermanyGermany745.875712.9380 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLFranceFrance950.994416.4960 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLNetherlandsNetherlands1210.6521.00 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLFranceFrance1268.322.00 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLSwitzerlandSwitzerland1383.624.00 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLNetherlandsNetherlands1498.926.00 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLUnited Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates184.483.20 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLIrelandIreland Republic of South AfricaRepublic of South Africa230.64.00 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLRepublic of South AfricaRepublic of South Africa288.255.00 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLGreeceGreece490.0258.50 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLGhanaGhana16.1420.28 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data5
ComissionCPLBrazilBrazil46.120.80 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data5
ComissionCPLMalaysiaMalaysia80.711.40 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data5
ComissionCPLPolandPoland138.362.40 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data5
ComissionCPLFranceFrance691.812.00000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLNetherlandsNetherlands1037.718.00000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLMexicoMexico230.64.00000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLItalyItaly357.436.20000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLSpainSpain432.3757.50000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLKenyaKenya60.53251.050 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLNetherlandsNetherlands980.0517.000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLMexicoMexico Republic of South AfricaRepublic of South Africa172.953.000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLSerbiaSerbia74.9451.300 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data5
ComissionCPLIraqIraq86.4751.50000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLGermanyGermany864.7515.00000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data5
ComissionCPLGermanyGermany884.09612.80000 EUR01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLGermanyGermany994.60814.40000 EUR01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLRepublic of South AfricaRepublic of South Africa86.4751.50000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLRepublic of South AfricaRepublic of South Africa167.1852.90000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLGreat BritainGreat Britain366.0715.30000 EUR01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data5
Установить и запустить приложениеCPLGermanyGermany1325.9523.00 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
SubscriptionCPLRepublic of South AfricaRepublic of South Africa172.953.0000 USD01 Access Level101No data4
ComissionCPLIndiaIndia31.1310.54000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
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  • Disabled at all
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  • 4-th Access Level

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