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ClickDealerComissionNew ZealandPayout6.5324 USD6.5345 USD2016-10-27 18:38:16
ClickDealerComissionNew ZealandPayout4.3549 USD4.3563 USD2016-10-27 18:34:25
ClickDealerComissionNew ZealandPayout6.5374 USD6.5324 USD2016-10-23 14:12:16
ClickDealerComissionNew ZealandPayout4.3582 USD4.3549 USD2016-10-23 14:05:12
ClickDealerComissionNew ZealandPayout6.5847 USD6.5374 USD2016-10-22 14:09:07
ClickDealerComissionNew ZealandPayout4.3898 USD4.3582 USD2016-10-22 14:05:11
ClickDealerComissionNew ZealandPayout6.5883 USD6.5847 USD2016-10-21 14:07:35
ClickDealerComissionNew ZealandPayout6.6116 USD6.5883 USD2016-10-20 14:09:24
ClickDealerComissionNew ZealandPayout6.5978 USD6.6116 USD2016-10-19 14:10:22
ClickDealerComissionNew ZealandPayout6.5833 USD6.5978 USD2016-10-18 14:10:10
ClickDealerComissionNew ZealandPayout6.6138 USD6.5833 USD2016-10-16 14:10:06
ClickDealerComissionNew ZealandPayout6.6130 USD6.6138 USD2016-10-15 14:10:04
ClickDealerComissionNew ZealandPayout6.6152 USD6.6130 USD2016-10-14 14:10:13

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