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TargetTypeGeoPayoutLevelHoldPostclickApprove rate (%)AN
Paid orderCPS-%RussiaRussia6.56.50%01 Access Level3030No data4
Paid orderCPS-%RussiaRussia6.56.50%01 Access Level7300 %4
ComissionCPLBulgariaBulgaria35.3580.60 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLSerbiaSerbia141.4322.40 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPLIndiaIndia17.6790.30 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data5
ComissionCPLIraqIraq58.931.00 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data5
ComissionCPLKenyaKenya76.6091.30 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No data5
ComissionCPLFranceFrance1119.6719.000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLHungaryHungary288.3724.20000 EUR01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data5
ComissionCPLKenyaKenya41.2510.70000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLIraqIraq JordanJordan57.75140.98000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLMalaysiaMalaysia ThailandThailand74.25181.26000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLMalaysiaMalaysia103.12751.75000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLMalaysiaMalaysia111.9671.90000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLSingaporeSingapore330.0085.60000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
CPACPLIndiaIndia37.71520.64 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data5
One click BillingCPLIndiaIndia42.42960.72 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
One click BillingCPLIndiaIndia17.6790.3 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data5
SubscriptionCPLIndonesiaIndonesia12.37530.2100 USD01 Access Level151No data4
SubscriptionCPLBulgariaBulgaria37.12590.6300 USD01 Access Level151No data4
SubscriptionCPLIraqIraq63.05511.0700 USD01 Access Level151No data4
SubscriptionCPLThailandThailand50.09050.8500 USD01 Access Level151No data1
ComissionCPLIndiaIndia23.5720.40 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLIndiaIndia33.00080.56 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLFranceFrance895.73615.20000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLPolandPoland143.19992.43000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
ComissionCPLRomaniaRomania182.6833.10000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
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Shakes.mobiContextualWas prohibited2017-02-18 02:01:04
Shakes.mobiDoorwayWas prohibited2017-02-18 02:01:04
Shakes.mobiTeaser AdsWas prohibited2017-02-18 02:01:04

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