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ClickDealerComissionTurkeyPayout4.9319 USD4.9596 USD2016-12-09 14:15:30
ClickDealerComissionTurkeyPayout4.9393 USD4.9319 USD2016-12-08 14:16:04
ClickDealerComissionTurkeyPayout4.9478 USD4.9393 USD2016-12-07 18:16:38
ClickDealerComissionTurkeyPayout4.8631 USD4.9478 USD2016-12-07 14:16:02
ClickDealerComissionTurkeyPayout4.9067 USD4.8631 USD2016-12-06 14:09:43
ClickDealerComissionTurkeyPayout4.9166 USD4.9067 USD2016-12-04 14:09:03
ClickDealerComissionTurkeyPayout4.8775 USD4.9166 USD2016-12-03 14:09:26
ClickDealerComissionTurkeyPayout4.8983 USD4.8775 USD2016-12-02 14:09:42
ClickDealerComissionTurkeyPayout4.8806 USD4.8983 USD2016-12-01 14:09:45
ClickDealerComissionTurkeyPayout4.9009 USD4.8806 USD2016-11-30 14:09:21
ClickDealerComissionTurkeyPayout4.8739 USD4.9009 USD2016-11-29 14:09:51
ClickDealerComissionTurkeyPayout4.8662 USD4.8739 USD2016-11-27 14:09:09
ClickDealerComissionTurkeyPayout4.8441 USD4.8662 USD2016-11-26 14:09:37

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ANTraffic typeWhatDate
YeahmobiE-mailWas allowed2015-03-30 12:55:09
YeahmobiContextualWas allowed2015-03-30 12:55:09
YeahmobiSMS sendingWas allowed2015-03-30 12:55:09

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