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TargetTypeGeoPayoutЦена на лендеHoldPostclickApprove rate (%)AN
CPA CPLPortugalPortugal290.0525.04 USDн/дn/an/aNo data5
One click Billing CPLAustriaAustria1726.530 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
One click Billing CPLPortugalPortugal362.5656.3 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Two click Billing CPLAustriaAustria1726.530 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Бесплатная регистрация CPLThe Bermuda IslandsThe Bermuda Islands23.020.40 USDн/д730No data1
Comission CPLMalaysiaMalaysia57.551.00 USDн/дn/a30No data4
Comission CPLMalaysiaMalaysia94.95751.65 USDн/дn/a30No data4
Comission CPLSingaporeSingapore633.0511.00 USDн/дn/a30No data4
Comission CPLSingaporeSingapore552.489.60 USDн/дn/a30No data4
Comission CPLSwitzerlandSwitzerland690.612.00 USDн/дn/a30No data5
Comission CPLIndiaIndia28.7750.500 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Comission CPLMalaysiaMalaysia109.3451.900 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Comission CPLSingaporeSingapore690.612.000 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Comission CPLMalaysiaMalaysia115.12.000 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Comission CPLAustriaAustria1942.312533.75000 USDн/дn/an/aNo data5
Comission CPLBrazilBrazil15.53850.27000 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Comission CPLAustriaAustria1467.52525.50000 USDн/дn/an/aNo data5
Comission CPLDominican RepublicDominican Republic32.2280.56 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Comission CPLChileChile PeruPeru39.1340.68 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Comission CPLIndiaIndia17.84050.31000 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Comission CPLMalaysiaMalaysia92.081.60000 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Comission CPLAustraliaAustralia984.10517.10000 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Фиксированная коммисия за продажу CPLGreat BritainGreat Britain460480.00 USDн/д730No data1
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Paysale.netФиксированная коммисия за продажуGreat BritainЦена на лендинге02018-03-15 22:04:21

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Paysale.netNew target--Фиксированная коммисия за продажу
geo:Great Britain, level:0, payout:80.00 USD
2018-03-15 20:04:22
Paysale.netDeleted targetМобильная подписка
geo:Australia, level:0, payout:11.25 USD
--2018-03-15 20:04:22
Paysale.netNew target--Бесплатная регистрация
geo:The Bermuda Islands, level:0, payout:0.40 USD
2018-02-22 20:02:35
Paysale.netDeleted targetМобильная подписка
geo:Austria, level:0, payout:40.50 USD
--2018-02-22 20:02:35


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