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ClickDealerComissionThailandPayout0.3697 USD0.3699 USD2017-02-25 14:05:52
ClickDealerComissionThailandPayout0.3678 USD0.3697 USD2017-02-24 14:04:30
ClickDealerComissionThailandPayout0.3707 USD0.3678 USD2017-02-23 14:07:58
ClickDealerComissionThailandPayout0.3717 USD0.3707 USD2017-02-22 14:04:17
ClickDealerComissionThailandPayout0.3737 USD0.3717 USD2017-02-19 14:14:23
ClickDealerComissionThailandPayout0.3713 USD0.3737 USD2017-02-18 14:13:31
ClickDealerComissionThailandPayout0.3699 USD0.3713 USD2017-02-17 14:04:44
ClickDealerComissionThailandPayout0.3718 USD0.3699 USD2017-02-16 16:11:45
ClickDealerComissionThailandPayout0.3719 USD0.3718 USD2017-02-15 14:04:04
ClickDealerComissionThailandPayout0.3725 USD0.3719 USD2017-02-14 14:05:46
ClickDealerComissionThailandPayout0.3734 USD0.3725 USD2017-02-12 14:04:02

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