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DX - крупнейший интернет-магазин электроники и гаджетов с огромным ассортиментом товаров из Китая. Интернет-магазин создан в 2005 году, сегодня - это более 1 млн. клиентов и 400 поставщиков, а также более чем 4000 категории, более 70 тысяч различных товаров и 150 ежедневных дополнений.

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TargetTypeGeoPayoutLevelHoldPostclickApprove rate (%)AN
Paid orderCPS-%Whole worldWhole world72.6883.85% BRL12 Access Level5445901
Paid orderCPS-%Whole worldWhole world318.2225.4% USD12 Access Level6045821
Paid orderCPS-%Whole worldWhole world3.843.84%01 Access Level3045No data5
ComissionCPS-%RussiaRussia3.843.84%01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data1
Оплаченная заявкаCPS-%BelarusBelarus GermanyGermany KazakhstanKazakhstan PolandPoland RussiaRussia The United States of AmericaThe United States of America UkraineUkraine3.843.84%23 Access Leveln/an/aNo data4
Paid orderCPS-%BelarusBelarus BrazilBrazil CanadaCanada Czech RepublicCzech Republic FranceFrance and further 113.843.84%01 Access Level745No data4
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Где Слон?

Apps in socials
Games in socials
Publics in socials
Teaser Ads
Targeted ads in socials

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ActionpayPaid orderWhole world% AR83822017-07-23 09:03:17
ActionpayPaid orderWhole world% AR91902017-07-23 09:03:16
ActionpayPaid orderWhole world% AR92912017-07-22 09:03:15
ActionpayPaid orderWhole world% AR84832017-07-21 19:03:13
ActionpayPaid orderWhole world% AR85842017-07-20 19:03:16
ActionpayPaid orderWhole world% AR86852017-07-19 19:03:19
ActionpayPaid orderWhole world% AR93922017-07-15 09:03:18
ActionpayPaid orderWhole world% AR87862017-07-12 21:03:08
ActionpayPaid orderWhole world% AR88872017-07-09 17:03:08

Allowed traffic types History:

ANTraffic typeWhatDate
Где Слон?Publics in socialsWas allowed2017-06-30 21:26:15
Где Слон?Games in socialsWas allowed2017-06-30 21:26:15
Где Слон?Apps in socialsWas allowed2017-06-30 21:26:15
ActionpayGroups in socialsWas prohibited2017-06-20 00:55:40
ActionpayGames in socialsWas allowed2017-06-20 00:55:40
ActionpayPublics in socialsWas allowed2017-06-20 00:55:40
ActionpayContextualWas prohibited2017-04-25 23:03:29
ActionpayContextual for brandWas prohibited2017-04-25 23:03:29
ActionpayIncentivizedWas prohibited2017-04-25 23:03:29
ActionpayDeleted targetPaid order
geo:Whole world, level:2, payout:3.85%
--2017-06-20 00:55:40


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