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Get L`oreal Makeup Samples
**ALL AFFILIATES CAPPED AT 300 LEADS/DAY UNTIL COMPLIANCE AND QUALITY IS VERIFIED** Content Generally Best Practices Prohibited Practices  Consider and respond to technological limitations presented by the various devices & platforms the user may use to view this creative.  Place the fine print where the consumer is likely to read it.  Verify the presence of all necessary disclosures in order to prevent a deceptive practice.  Design creative so that “scrolling” is not necessary to find a disclosure.  Ensure the language of disclosure is comprehensible to intended audience.  Place disclosure clearly and conspicuously, in close proximity to relevant claim.  Do not use actual product logos. Use generic images, and a different color scheme than the actual product logo. Incentivized (Promotional) Paths & Emails Best Practices  Clearly & conspicuously include “Purchase Required” on any page or banner where a user will submit personally identifiable information  Must include a disclaimer.  Must include a registered trademark ® after any usage of company name or trademark. Prohibited Practices  Do not use words to imply that the consumer will gain an incentive without making a purchase  Do not use “win” or “chance” to imply a sweepstakes-like situation  Do not use the word “free” – it will cost you!  Do not directly or impliedly mislead.  Do not present consumer with a false sense of urgency.  Do not distract attention from necessary disclosures through other elements of the creative.  Do not omit material information.  Do not place the fine print too finely or faintly.  Do not misrepresent to consumers that they have won a contest or have been selected to receive a gift or prize. Sweepstakes Best Practices  Ensure it cannot be argued that there was consideration for an entry.  Use the words “chance” or “win” on landing pages  Time limitations must be expressed consistently according to the rules of the sweepstakes

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