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Развлекательная игра пузыри.

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TargetTypeGeoPayoutЦена на лендеHoldPostclickApprove rate (%)AN
BOUYGUES - Android CPLFranceFrance777.767111.17 EURн/дn/an/aNo data4
BOUYGUES - iOS CPLFranceFrance777.767111.17 EURн/дn/an/aNo data4
H3G - Android CPLItalyItaly317.8565.6 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
H3G - iOS CPLItalyItaly317.8565.6 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
NRJ MOBILE - Android CPLFranceFrance777.767111.17 EURн/дn/an/aNo data4
NRJ MOBILE - iOS CPLFranceFrance777.767111.17 EURн/дn/an/aNo data4
SFR - Android CPLFranceFrance777.767111.17 EURн/дn/an/aNo data4
SFR - iOS CPLFranceFrance777.767111.17 EURн/дn/an/aNo data4
Sunrise - Android CPLSwitzerlandSwitzerland1589.2828 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Sunrise - iOS CPLSwitzerlandSwitzerland1589.2828 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
THREE - Android CPLItalyItaly317.8565.6 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
THREE - iOS CPLItalyItaly317.8565.6 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
TIM - Android CPLItalyItaly317.8565.6 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
TIM - iOS CPLItalyItaly317.8565.6 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Vodafone - Android CPLPortugalPortugal278.524 EURн/дn/an/aNo data4
WIFI - Android CPLFranceFrance777.767111.17 EURн/дn/an/aNo data4
WIFI - Android CPLItalyItaly136.2242.4 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
WIFI - Android CPLSwitzerlandSwitzerland1589.2828 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
WIFI - Android CPLItalyItaly317.8565.6 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
WIFI - iOS CPLFranceFrance777.767111.17 EURн/дn/an/aNo data4
WIFI - iOS CPLItalyItaly136.2242.4 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
WIFI - iOS CPLSwitzerlandSwitzerland1589.2828 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
WIFI - iOS CPLItalyItaly317.8565.6 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
WIND - Android CPLItalyItaly136.2242.4 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
WIND - iOS CPLItalyItaly136.2242.4 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Comission CPLAustraliaAustralia681.1212.00 USDн/дn/a30No data4
Comission CPLIranIran14.75760.260 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
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MobideaDeleted targetMEO - Android
geo:Portugal, level:0, payout:4 EUR
--2017-01-18 20:03:02


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