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Pożyczkaorzeł it’s short and fast loans from 750 to 10 000 zł. This service is better than other competitors, beacuse the client is not checked in the databases of debtors

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TargetTypeGeoPayoutLevelHoldPostclickApprove rate (%)AN
ComissionCPLRussiaRussia31225500.00000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo dataLeadGidOffer identifier within the Network: 18261
Payment for correctly filled order formCPLRussiaRussia104104 RUB01 Access Level1490100 %LeadsOffer identifier within the Network: 8224
Payment for the issued loanCPLRussiaRussia560560 RUB01 Access Level1486No dataLeadsOffer identifier within the Network: 8201
Заявка на займCPLRussiaRussia8080 RUB01 Access Level330No data7offersOffer identifier within the Network: 36054
Первый выданный займCPLRussiaRussia580580 RUB01 Access Level330No data7offersOffer identifier within the Network: 35964
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LeadsPayment for the issued loanRussia% AR8 %Нет данных2016-10-18 18:01:14

Allowed traffic types History:

ANTraffic typeWhatDate
LeadsGroups in socialsWas allowed2016-09-22 18:01:10
LeadsPublics in socialsWas allowed2016-09-22 18:01:10
LeadsContextualWas allowed2016-09-16 12:01:12
LeadsTargeted ads in socialsWas allowed2016-09-16 12:01:12
LeadsPopupWas allowed2016-09-16 12:01:12
LeadsBannerWas allowed2016-09-16 12:01:12
LeadsDoorwayWas allowed2016-09-16 12:01:12
LeadsIncentivizedWas allowed2016-09-16 12:01:12
LeadsE-mailWas allowed2016-09-16 12:01:12
LeadsSMS sendingWas allowed2016-09-16 12:01:12
LeadsClickunderWas prohibited2016-09-16 12:01:12
LeadsClickunderWas allowed2016-09-16 10:03:34
LeadsContextualWas prohibited2016-09-16 10:03:34
LeadsTargeted ads in socialsWas prohibited2016-09-16 10:03:34
LeadsPopupWas prohibited2016-09-16 10:03:34
LeadsBannerWas prohibited2016-09-16 10:03:34
LeadsDoorwayWas prohibited2016-09-16 10:03:34
LeadsIncentivizedWas prohibited2016-09-16 10:03:34
LeadsE-mailWas prohibited2016-09-16 10:03:34
LeadsSMS sendingWas prohibited2016-09-16 10:03:34
LeadGidNew target--Comission
geo:Russia, level:0, payout:500.00000 USD
2016-10-20 14:34:55
LeadGidDeleted targetComission
geo:Whole world, level:0, payout:500.00000 RUB
--2016-10-20 14:34:55


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