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ClickDealerComissionPalestine occupied territoryPayout0.3019 USD0.2974 USD2016-12-10 14:05:07
ClickDealerComissionUnited Arab EmiratesPayout2.0485 USD2.0178 USD2016-12-10 14:05:07
ClickDealerComissionPalestine occupied territoryPayout0.3002 USD0.3019 USD2016-12-09 14:06:51
ClickDealerComissionUnited Arab EmiratesPayout2.0371 USD2.0485 USD2016-12-09 14:06:51
ClickDealerComissionPalestine occupied territoryPayout0.3007 USD0.3002 USD2016-12-08 14:07:00
ClickDealerComissionUnited Arab EmiratesPayout2.0402 USD2.0371 USD2016-12-08 14:07:00
ClickDealerComissionPalestine occupied territoryPayout0.3012 USD0.3007 USD2016-12-07 18:07:35
ClickDealerComissionUnited Arab EmiratesPayout2.0437 USD2.0402 USD2016-12-07 18:07:35
ClickDealerComissionPalestine occupied territoryPayout0.2960 USD0.3012 USD2016-12-07 14:07:13
ClickDealerComissionUnited Arab EmiratesPayout2.0087 USD2.0437 USD2016-12-07 14:07:13
ClickDealerComissionPalestine occupied territoryPayout0.2987 USD0.2960 USD2016-12-06 14:04:44
ClickDealerComissionUnited Arab EmiratesPayout2.0267 USD2.0087 USD2016-12-06 14:04:44
ClickDealerComissionPalestine occupied territoryPayout0.2993 USD0.2987 USD2016-12-04 14:04:19
ClickDealerComissionUnited Arab EmiratesPayout2.0308 USD2.0267 USD2016-12-04 14:04:19
ClickDealerComissionPalestine occupied territoryPayout0.2969 USD0.2993 USD2016-12-03 14:04:27
ClickDealerComissionUnited Arab EmiratesPayout2.0146 USD2.0308 USD2016-12-03 14:04:27
ClickDealerComissionPalestine occupied territoryPayout0.2982 USD0.2969 USD2016-12-02 14:04:39
ClickDealerComissionUnited Arab EmiratesPayout2.0232 USD2.0146 USD2016-12-02 14:04:39
ClickDealerComissionPalestine occupied territoryPayout0.2971 USD0.2982 USD2016-12-01 14:04:40
ClickDealerComissionUnited Arab EmiratesPayout2.0159 USD2.0232 USD2016-12-01 14:04:40

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Data Collecting is in progress...


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