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TargetTypeGeoPayoutLevelHoldPostclickApprove rate (%)AN
Confirmed registrationCPLAustraliaAustralia1544.91544.90 RUB01 Access Leveln/a30No dataCityAdsOffer identifier within the Network: 288451
Confirmed registrationCPLGreat BritainGreat Britain950.71950.71 RUB01 Access Leveln/a30No dataCityAdsOffer identifier within the Network: 288451
ComissionCPLRussiaRussia2433.4842.00 USD01 Access Leveln/a30No dataClickDealerOffer identifier within the Network: 305051
ComissionCPLWhole worldWhole world608.3710.50000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo dataAdsmainOffer identifier within the Network: 222294
InstallCPLGermanyGermany289750.00000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo dataKissMyAdsOffer identifier within the Network: 340131
Установить и ОткрытьCPLAustraliaAustralia CanadaCanada DenmarkDenmark FinlandFinland GermanyGermany and further 71506.4426.00 USD01 Access Level00No dataJungletapOffer identifier within the Network: 163124
Product purchaseCPLAustraliaAustralia DenmarkDenmark FinlandFinland GermanyGermany Great BritainGreat Britain and further 6289750.00 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo dataCpamaticaOffer identifier within the Network: 19491
ComissionCPLCanadaCanada New ZealandNew Zealand2503.00843.20 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo dataOfferSevenOffer identifier within the Network: 255364
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CityAdsConfirmed registrationAustraliaPayout1524.64 RUB1544.90 RUB2017-02-28 00:16:48
CityAdsConfirmed registrationGreat BritainPayout938.24 RUB950.71 RUB2017-02-28 00:16:48
CityAdsConfirmed registrationAustraliaPayout1543.69 RUB1524.64 RUB2017-02-23 00:16:55
CityAdsConfirmed registrationGreat BritainPayout949.96 RUB938.24 RUB2017-02-23 00:16:55
CityAdsConfirmed registrationAustraliaPayout1556.04 RUB1543.69 RUB2017-02-22 00:16:46
CityAdsConfirmed registrationGreat BritainPayout957.56 RUB949.96 RUB2017-02-22 00:16:46
CityAdsConfirmed registrationAustraliaPayout1549.76 RUB1556.04 RUB2017-02-21 00:16:46
CityAdsConfirmed registrationGreat BritainPayout953.70 RUB957.56 RUB2017-02-21 00:16:46
CityAdsConfirmed registrationAustraliaPayout1529.69 RUB1549.76 RUB2017-02-18 00:16:47
CityAdsConfirmed registrationGreat BritainPayout941.35 RUB953.70 RUB2017-02-18 00:16:47
CityAdsConfirmed registrationAustraliaPayout1513.83 RUB1529.69 RUB2017-02-17 00:16:34
CityAdsConfirmed registrationGreat BritainPayout931.59 RUB941.35 RUB2017-02-17 00:16:34
CityAdsConfirmed registrationAustraliaPayout1545.87 RUB1513.83 RUB2017-02-16 00:16:49
CityAdsConfirmed registrationGreat BritainPayout951.31 RUB931.59 RUB2017-02-16 00:16:49
CityAdsConfirmed registrationAustraliaPayout1557.74 RUB1545.87 RUB2017-02-15 00:16:39
CityAdsConfirmed registrationGreat BritainPayout958.61 RUB951.31 RUB2017-02-15 00:16:39

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AdsmainNew target--Comission
geo:Whole world, level:0, payout:10.50000 USD
2016-11-17 12:25:51
AdsmainDeleted targetComission
geo:Canada, level:0, payout:10.50000 USD
--2016-11-17 12:25:51
OfferSevenDeleted targetComission
geo:The United States of America, level:0, payout:43.20 USD
--2016-10-14 20:01:38


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