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iLux — is a convenient online catalog of brand goods for those who value their time and money. It is possible to make the order with just a few clicks and get it in the same or next day. The range of the online store consists of quality brand goods of several price categories. On the website it is provided only original production from the latest collections of foreign and domestic brands.

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Confirmed orderCPLRussiaRussia330330.00 RUB01 Access Leveln/a30No dataCityAdsOffer identifier within the Network: 27654
ComissionCPS-%RussiaRussia1212%01 Access Level304527%Gdeslon?Offer identifier within the Network: 350474
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CityAdsE-mailWas allowed2015-02-13 18:08:32
ActionpayContextualWas allowed2015-02-13 13:48:54
ActionpayPopupWas allowed2015-02-13 13:48:54
ActionpayClickunderWas allowed2015-02-13 13:48:54
ActionpayDoorwayWas allowed2015-02-13 13:48:54
ActionpayE-mailWas allowed2015-02-13 13:48:54
ActionpayMobileWas allowed2015-02-13 13:48:54
ActionpayAdSpot/RichMedia/SlidingWas allowed2015-02-13 13:48:54
ActionpayAPI/XMLWas allowed2015-02-13 13:48:54
ActionpayTeaser AdsWas allowed2015-02-13 13:48:54
ActionpayBannerWas allowed2015-02-13 13:48:54
ActionpayCashbackWas allowed2015-02-13 13:48:54
ActionpayGroups in socialsWas allowed2015-02-13 13:48:54
ActionpayTargeted ads in socialsWas allowed2015-02-13 13:48:54
ActionpayApps in socialsWas allowed2015-02-13 13:48:54
CityAdsAdSpot/RichMedia/SlidingWas prohibited2015-02-12 14:08:36
CityAdsE-mailWas prohibited2015-02-12 14:08:36
CityAdsCashbackWas prohibited2015-02-12 14:08:36
CityAdsClickunderWas prohibited2015-02-12 14:08:36
CityAdsDoorwayWas prohibited2015-02-12 14:08:36

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