- Интернет-магазин спортивной обуви, одежды и аксессуаров

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Offer Description - это интернет-магазин женской, мужской и детской одежды и обуви, аксессуаров, а также спорт-инвентаря.

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TargetTypeGeoPayoutLevelHoldPostclickApprove rate (%)AN
Paid orderCPS-%RussiaRussia1212% RUR12 Access Level3040754
Confirmed orderCPS-%RussiaRussia1212%01 Access Level014No data4
Paid orderCPS-%RussiaRussia1212%01 Access Level3030No data5
Paid orderCPS-%RussiaRussia1212.00%01 Access Leveln/a30No data4
ComissionCPS-%RussiaRussia1212%01 Access Leveln/an/aNo data1
Paid and delivered order CPS-%RussiaRussia1212%01 Access Level00No data1
Filled order formCPLRussiaRussia00 RUB01 Access Level00No data1
Paid orderCPS-%RussiaRussia1212.00%01 Access Level730No data1
% от продажиCPS-%RussiaRussia1212.00 %01 Access Level730No data5
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TradeLeadsCashbackWas allowed2017-08-23 17:01:08
TradeLeadsDoorwayWas allowed2017-08-23 17:01:08
TradeLeadsE-mailWas allowed2017-08-23 17:01:08
TradeLeadsGroups in socialsWas allowed2017-08-23 17:01:08
TradeLeadsBannerWas allowed2017-08-23 17:01:08
TradeLeadsClickunderWas prohibited2017-08-23 17:01:08
TradeLeadsClickunderWas allowed2017-08-23 15:01:27
TradeLeadsBannerWas prohibited2017-08-23 15:01:27
TradeLeadsGroups in socialsWas prohibited2017-08-23 15:01:27
TradeLeadsE-mailWas prohibited2017-08-23 15:01:27
TradeLeadsDoorwayWas prohibited2017-08-23 15:01:27
TradeLeadsCashbackWas prohibited2017-08-23 15:01:27
ActionpayGroups in socialsWas prohibited2017-06-20 00:55:45
ActionpayGames in socialsWas allowed2017-06-20 00:55:45
ActionpayPublics in socialsWas allowed2017-06-20 00:55:45
TradeLeadsContextualWas prohibited2017-03-01 16:01:10
ActionpayDeleted targetPaid order
geo:Russia, level:2, payout:12%
--2017-06-20 00:55:45


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