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Натуральная витаминная формула спрея для волос MEGASPRAY - это удивительный комплекс питательных веществ для ухода за волосами. Только 100% натуральные компоненты!

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TargetTypeGeoPayoutЦена на лендеHoldPostclickApprove rate (%)AN
UA CPLUkraineUkraine500500.00000 RUBн/дn/an/aNo data4
Comission CPLRomaniaRomania740.0412.00 USDн/дn/a30No data4
Comission CPLGermanyGermany1110.0618.00 USDн/дn/a30No data4
Comission CPLSwitzerlandSwitzerland1233.420.00 USDн/дn/a30No data4
Comission CPLSerbiaSerbia493.368.00 USDн/дn/a30No data4
Comission CPLItalyItaly986.7216.00 USDн/дn/a30No data5
Comission CPLTurkeyTurkey740.0412.00 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Confirmed order CPLUzbekistanUzbekistan200200 RUB1490 RUB0720No data1
Confirmed order CPLGeorgiaGeorgia400400 RUBн/д0720No data1
Confirmed order CPLLatviaLatvia600600 RUB39 RUB0720No data1
Подтвержденная заявка (Азербайджан) CPLAzerbaijanAzerbaijan500500 RUBн/д015No data4
Подтвержденная заявка (Армения) CPLArmeniaArmenia550550 RUBн/д015No data4
Confirmed order (BY) CPLBelarusBelarus500500 RUBн/д015No data4
Подтвержденная заявка (Грузия) CPLGeorgiaGeorgia500500 RUBн/д015No data4
Confirmed order (Kazakhstan) CPLKazakhstanKazakhstan500500 RUBн/д015No data4
Confirmed order (Kyrgyzstan) CPLKyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan400400 RUBн/д015No data4
Confirmed order (Moldova) CPLMoldovaMoldova400400 RUBн/д015No data4
Confirmed order (RU) CPLRussiaRussia500500 RUBн/д015No data4
Подтвержденная заявка (Сербия) CPLSerbiaSerbia500500 RUBн/д015No data4
Подтвержденная заявка (Узбекистан) CPLUzbekistanUzbekistan200200 RUBн/д015No data4
Confirmed order (UA) CPLUkraineUkraine600600 RUBн/д015No data4
Confirmed order CPLRomaniaRomania616.710.00 USD139.00 RONn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLPolandPoland616.710.00 USD219.00 PLNn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLCroatiaCroatia616.710.00 USD299.00 HRKn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLAustriaAustria GermanyGermany SloveniaSlovenia616.710.00 USD39.00 EURn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLFranceFrance IrelandIreland616.710.00 USD49.00 EURn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLGreat BritainGreat Britain616.710.00 USD49.00 GBPn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLCzech RepublicCzech Republic616.710.00 USD790.00 CZKn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLCyprusCyprus678.3711.00 USD29.00 EURn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLGreeceGreece678.3711.00 USD39.00 EURn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLPortugalPortugal740.0412.00 USD39.00 EURn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLItalyItaly SpainSpain740.0412.00 USD49.00 EURn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLBulgariaBulgaria801.7113.00 USD59.00 BGNn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLHungaryHungary801.7113.00 USD9900.00 HUFn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLGeorgiaGeorgia493.368.00 USD69.00 GELn/a360No data1
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Data Collecting is in progress...

CpagettiDeleted targetConfirmed order
geo:Liechtenstein, level:0, payout:10.00 USD
--2017-12-28 18:01:07
CpagettiDeleted targetConfirmed order
geo:Switzerland, level:0, payout:12.00 USD
--2017-10-19 13:02:03
CpagettiNew target--Confirmed order
geo:Georgia, level:0, payout:8.00 USD
2017-01-11 22:01:07
AD1New target--Подтвержденная заявка (Сербия)
geo:Serbia, level:0, payout:500 RUB
2017-01-10 22:01:25


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