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У вас проблемы с выплатой долга? Вы больше не можете платить кредит банку?

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TargetTypeGeoPayoutЦена на лендеHoldPostclickApprove rate (%)AN
Order CPS-%RussiaRussia6060.00 %н/дn/an/aNo data1
Confirmed order CPLRussiaRussia8080-300 RURн/д3130664
Confirmed order CPS-%Arkhangelsk, Belgorod, Engels, Kaliningrad Region, Moscow and further 106060%н/д1030No data4
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ANTraffic typeWhatDate
7offersTeaser AdsWas prohibited2017-12-21 16:01:28
7offersBannerWas prohibited2017-12-21 16:01:28
7offersContextual for brandWas prohibited2017-12-21 16:01:28
7offersMobileWas prohibited2017-12-21 16:01:28
7offersDoorwayWas prohibited2017-12-21 16:01:28
7offersE-mailWas prohibited2017-11-07 16:02:03
ActionpayPublics in socialsWas allowed2017-06-20 00:55:23
ActionpayGames in socialsWas allowed2017-06-20 00:55:23
ActionpayGroups in socialsWas prohibited2017-06-20 00:55:23
7offersNew target--Confirmed order
geo:Kaliningrad Region, level:0, payout:60%
2017-10-26 19:01:54
7offersDeleted targetConfirmed order
geo:Omsk Region, level:0, payout:50%
--2017-10-26 19:01:54
ActionpayDeleted targetConfirmed order
geo:Russia, level:2, payout:80-300 RUB
--2017-06-20 00:55:23


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