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Торговля на Форексе

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Confirmed registrationCPLRussiaRussia126.07126.07 RUB01 Access Level730No dataTradeLeadsOffer identifier within the Network: 60564
Confirmed orderCPLRussiaRussia251.64 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo dataAdselleratorOffer identifier within the Network: 3251
ComissionCPLRussiaRussia125.82.00000 USD01 Access Leveln/an/aNo dataC3PAOffer identifier within the Network: 4501
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TradeLeadsConfirmed registrationRussiaPayout124.51 RUB126.07 RUB2016-10-28 04:01:29
TradeLeadsConfirmed registrationRussiaPayout124.46 RUB124.51 RUB2016-10-27 18:30:52
TradeLeadsConfirmed registrationRussiaPayout124.89 RUB124.46 RUB2016-10-25 02:01:27
TradeLeadsConfirmed registrationRussiaPayout124.83 RUB124.89 RUB2016-10-22 02:01:27
TradeLeadsConfirmed registrationRussiaPayout125.16 RUB124.83 RUB2016-10-21 02:01:27
TradeLeadsConfirmed registrationRussia% AR0 %Нет данных2016-10-20 08:01:32
TradeLeadsConfirmed registrationRussiaPayout125.78 RUB125.16 RUB2016-10-20 02:01:30
TradeLeadsConfirmed registrationRussiaPayout126.3 RUB125.78 RUB2016-10-19 04:01:28
TradeLeadsConfirmed registrationRussiaPayout125.98 RUB126.3 RUB2016-10-18 02:01:28
TradeLeadsConfirmed registrationRussiaPayout126.69 RUB125.98 RUB2016-10-15 02:01:28

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