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TargetTypeGeoPayoutЦена на лендеHoldPostclickApprove rate (%)AN
Comission CPLDenmarkDenmark885.1515.00 USDн/дn/a30No data4
Comission CPLAustraliaAustralia920.939615.6065 USDн/дn/a30No data4
Comission CPLAustraliaAustralia CanadaCanada Great BritainGreat Britain1121.1919.00 USDн/дn/a30No data4
Comission CPLFinlandFinland NorwayNorway1180.220.00 USDн/дn/a30No data4
Comission CPLIrelandIreland531.099.00 USDн/дn/a30No data4
Comission CPLSingaporeSingapore53.1090.90 USDн/дn/a30No data5
Comission CPLNew ZealandNew Zealand82.6141.40 USDн/дn/a30No data5
Comission CPLAustraliaAustralia153.4262.60 USDн/дn/a30No data5
Comission CPLAustraliaAustralia236.044.00 USDн/дn/a30No data5
Comission CPLIrelandIreland551.74359.35000 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Comission CPLSingaporeSingapore41.3070.70000 USDн/дn/an/aNo data5
Comission CPLNew ZealandNew Zealand49.56840.84000 USDн/дn/an/aNo data5
Comission CPLAustraliaAustralia88.5151.50000 USDн/дn/an/aNo data5
Comission CPLAustraliaAustralia112.1191.90000 USDн/дn/an/aNo data5
Comission CPLFranceFrance2525 usdн/дn/an/aNo data1
Comission CPLSingaporeSingapore61.96051.05 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Comission CPLNew ZealandNew Zealand82.6141.40 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Comission CPLAustraliaAustralia162.27752.75 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
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ClicxyComissionFrancePayout35 usd25 usd2017-11-14 20:01:58

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