About CPA Network

TRAFFICASA has been part of the Market for over 7 years. We are the biggest affiliate network working in the financial field, covering over 70 brands in 20+ languages. We connect with clients from more than 60 countries all over the world.

We work carefully with all Integrations, meaning that we work closely with all parties involved in the process. Therefore, we are always confident in the quality of our work, as well as the accuracy of the reports provided. This quality is confirmed by a growing number of both the advertisers and the publishers.

Our vision at TRAFFICASA is to make beneficial relationships with all of our clients by providing the highest quality of service, innovative marketing solutions, and constantly improving our products.

We cooperate with large, trustworthy, and well-known brands worldwide. Thanks to our honest attitude towards our clients in the past years, we process thousands of leads every day, reaching 500,000+ leads per month!

By combining our team’s skills and experience, we help our clients achieve their goals and increase profitability in almost 100% of the cases. TRAFFICASA is proud to be the most successful affiliate network in the financial field.



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