About CPA Network

Who are we?

CTR.RU is a team of professional, creative, competent internet marketing specialists with an extensive experience of work with offers.
We thought up and realized launch of top commodity offers: Goji berries, Breast Cream, PowerLife Cream, Beauty Line Cream and many others.

Why it is favorable to work with us?

Despite the huge success of our products among the publishers, we continue to add into the list of our offers new, interesting proposals constantly.
Each of the landing pages of products, manufactured by us, undergoes a series of tests and the publisher receive only those promotions, which are guaranteed to bring him profit.

70% of landing pages and 90% of transit pages in the RuNet are made by us and we are ready to experiment further for increase conversion and earnings of our partners.

We developed tools for increase conversion for this segment of the market.

We are ready to work with all publishers individually regardless of turnover, because we see the potential in everyone.
No one will be without attention.



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