About CPA Network

The network focuses on commodity offers with payment for the confirmed offer. The structure of ApiLead.com includes group of own companies, which provide a shipping, most of the offers we provide ourselves!

Main advantages:

  • Part/all offers are processed by own call centers (24/7), as the result, stable, good approval;
  • Part/all orders are processed and sending by our warehouses, which eliminates intermediaries and provides high price for the offer;
  • Payments on demand, the first with hold (maximum 7 days), the next - without;
  • Round-the-clock support of publishers and advertisers;
  • Api, Postback, possibility to add own landing pages, etc.
  • Commodity systems compete among themselves for order flow on the basis of the internal exchange, that provides a high rate for the offer;
  • The flow of orders is distributed between commodity systems, that provides stable redemption of all offers;
  • Agency offices (DirectAdvert, BodyClick, MarketGid, etc.)
  • Bonuses and discounts (ClickFrog, Advancets, Publer, etc.)

Guarantees - long-term reputation of the affiliate programs waplogovo.com, installcube.com



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    Archived: 299
    Total: 586


  • Minimum: 2490 RUB
    Frequency: 4+

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