CPA Daily is not an affiliate program, and does not pay fees for the actions. CPA Networks, which are presented in our site, are engaged in it.
Please register at first - it only takes a few minutes.
Then on the page Account -> Profile -> you should carry out a binding to an account of a social network or to several social networks. After a binding the fast entrance through a social network will be available.
1. Not all CPA Networks specify the allowed types of traffic;
2. Only some of them display data on the parameter of "Approve rate (%)";
3. We try, but not everything depends on us. Honestly.
No. Some CPA Networks divide the same offer on a few (with different geo-targeting), and we unite them in a single whole. They seem like different, but belong to the same offer.
Use more exact (narrow) parameters of search. It is displayed only 50 results for each geo-object.
Almost nohow. This functionality is only available to users with access level "Employee of CPA Network".
Perhaps we already tried, but we could not do it technically (the Network moves to a new platform, it was not possible to contact the support/ manager) or the Network wishes to remain in private.
Read the terms of the Partnership Agreement before the registration in CPA Network, which you chose. Read, read.
Only in form of the working cases. It is effective.
We gladly will answer this question in an expanded form in Skype. Write, do not hesitate.
Nothing special, "movements" inside CPA Networks tell us this.
"Big Explanatory Dictionary of the CPA" will be placed soon in a separate section.
You can ask your question immediately through email or Skype, and you can register and ask question in the ticket. On your choice.

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