This manual is intended for all users of the CPA Daily
Our system develops and changes very quickly, therefore some points of the menu, texts or tools can differ slightly from described below. The general principle of work of system remains invariable. For detailed information, explanations and recommendations you can always contact to a support service through tickets, e-mail or skype.

For registration in the CPA Daily you should:

1. Go to the page of creation a new account -

2. Fill in the registration form, confirm acceptance of the User Agreement and click button "Register"

3. You will receive a letter to your specified e-mail with a link to activate your account. Usually letter comes quickly, sometimes it is getting into the spam folder.

4. Click on the activation link and your account will be activated.

This tool is designed for timely notification of changes in the parameters of offers.

To start the tracking of changes (add to CPA Spy Report), you need to register and login on our website. For new accounts available 2 parameters for tracking.

Parameter - is a set of settings of tracking for the 1 object (offer or category) on 1 event (total 50 different events).

For example, to notify you at permission to send API/XML traffic on any offer from the category "Finance" = 1 parameter.

Or to notify you when the ban on sending of API/XML traffic on any offer from the category "Finance" = 1 parameter.

And to notify you when switching-on and switching-off of a context on three separate offers = 6 parameters (3 offers on 2 events).

Configuring the method and time of notification not taken into account. More about that below.

To start tracking you should press the button (this button on pages of offers):

Or press the icon in the left panel of categories:

Next, you will see the dialog box with settings to track the selected object (the offer or category):

Names of events and other elements of management are intuitively clear, but there are general recommendations:
  • you should not watch big categories if you do not want a dump of letters in the mail/account, there are a lot of events;
  • all events are sent to you at the specified time intervals regardless of the time of occurrence of the event;
  • you can use several methods of notification at the same time;
  • you can not use different settings for one object (it is too difficult for most of visitors);
  • additional parameters for tracking you can always ask from support or buy, or exchanged for anything of value;
  • some offers may change the amount of payment every day because of the movement of the exchange rate;
  • some offers every day have the event "stopped" and "renewed" due to the operation of daily limits;
  • if the notification method is "Personal account", events are not grouped;
  • if the notification method by "E-Mail" the events are grouped and are not sent more frequently than every 30 minutes;
  • when new offer comes, in system are forming such events as "New offer" and "New target";
  • sometimes something somewhere falls off and come packs of fake events, this happened a couple of times.
Saving the settings, which you have chosen, will be after clicking the "Submit" button and from this moment the tracking begins. If You choose the method of notification by E-Mail, please be sure that you have added in the white list, as from this address you will receive notifications.

On the page Objects of tracking you can see the current settings of the tracking and also delete or change them.

DASHBOARD - is a personal account, but with such a strange name. Available only to authorized users.

It is divided into 5 tabs:
  • CPA SPY REPORT - here you can see the list of events, if in settings of tracking it was specified "Personal account";
  • OBJECTS of TRACKING - viewing, removal and editing settings of tracking;
  • RECENT SEARCHES - history of your searches with statistics and time of the recent search;
  • COLOR MANAGEMENT is a convenient tool, but it is still in the testing phase;
  • TICKETS - is a communication with support through internal system of notifications.