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One Casino - онлайн казино

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- Специальные условия по выплатам от Cpa Daily
Партнер благотворительного фонда WeCPA
TargetTypeGeoPayoutЦена на лендеHoldPostclickApprove rate (%)AN
Confirmed registration
CPLFinlandFinland GermanyGermany IrelandIreland LuxembourgLuxembourg1212 eur н/дn/an/aNo data1
Minimum FTD
CPLWhole worldWhole world00 usd При регистрации от Cpa Daily
+5 USD
к выплате
н/дn/an/aNo data4
Registration SOI
CPLWhole worldWhole world00 usd При регистрации от Cpa Daily
+5 USD
к выплате
н/дn/an/aNo data4
Sign up
CPLFinlandFinland GermanyGermany IrelandIreland LuxembourgLuxembourg NetherlandsNetherlands99 eur н/д453651004
CPLFinlandFinland GermanyGermany IrelandIreland LuxembourgLuxembourg00 EUR н/д0360No data1
First Deposit
CPLWhole worldWhole world00 EUR н/д0360No data1
Первый депозит (Чехия)
CPLCzech RepublicCzech Republic00 EUR н/д0360No data1
Подтверждение регистрации
CPLFinlandFinland GermanyGermany IrelandIreland LuxembourgLuxembourg1414.00 USD 1.00 RUBn/a360No data4
Подтверждение регистрации
CPLGermanyGermany9.019.01 USD 1.00 Arrayn/a360No data4
CPLFinlandFinland GermanyGermany IrelandIreland LuxembourgLuxembourg1212 EUR н/д0360No data1
CPLRussiaRussia1010 EUR н/д9090No data1
CPLRussiaRussia1212 EUR н/д9090No data1
CPLRussiaRussia55 EUR н/д9090No data1
Регистрация (DOI) (Чехия)
CPLCzech RepublicCzech Republic55 EUR н/д0360No data1
Регистрация AT
CPLAustriaAustria1212.00 EUR н/д21365No data1
Регистрация CA
CPLCanadaCanada1010.00 EUR н/д21365No data1
Регистрация CZ
CPLCzech RepublicCzech Republic55.00 EUR н/д21365No data1
Регистрация DE
CPLGermanyGermany1212.00 EUR н/д21365No data1
Регистрация FI
CPLFinlandFinland1212.00 EUR н/д21365No data1
Регистрация IE
CPLIrelandIreland1212.00 EUR н/д21365No data1
Регистрация LU
CPLLuxembourgLuxembourg1212.00 EUR н/д21365No data1
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  • Disabled at all

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Targeted ads in socials
Contextual for brand
Teaser Ads

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Allowed traffic types History:

ANTraffic typeWhatDate
OFFERRUMIncentivizedWas allowed2020-06-30 18:01:29
GmblngTargeted ads in socialsWas allowed2020-04-10 20:01:07
GmblngCashbackWas allowed2020-04-10 20:01:07
GmblngAPI/XMLWas allowed2020-04-10 20:01:07
GmblngDeleted targetРегистрация (DOI)
geo:Whole world, level:0, payout:12 EUR
--2021-03-16 18:01:12
Aff1New target--Регистрация CA
geo:Canada, level:0, payout:10.00 EUR
2021-01-20 18:01:17
Aff1New target--Регистрация CZ
geo:Czech Republic, level:0, payout:5.00 EUR
2021-01-18 18:01:14
GmblngNew target--
geo:, level:, payout:
2020-12-11 20:01:09
GmblngDeleted targetRegistration
geo:Whole world, level:0, payout:12 EUR
--2020-12-11 20:01:09
OFFERRUMNew target--Регистрация (DOI) (Чехия)
geo:Czech Republic, level:0, payout:5 EUR
2020-12-09 20:01:34
OFFERRUMDeleted target
geo:Czech Republic, level:0, payout:5 EUR
--2020-12-09 20:01:34
GmblngDeleted target
geo:Whole world, level:0, payout:5 EUR
--2020-12-09 20:01:03
Aff1New target--Регистрация AT
geo:Austria, level:0, payout:12.00 EUR
2020-10-02 16:01:16
CpagettiDeleted targetПодтверждение регистрации
geo:Finland, level:0, payout:8.00 USD
--2020-08-26 18:01:06
MobytizeNew target--Sign up
geo:Netherlands, level:0, payout:9 eur
2020-05-21 12:01:12
MobytizeDeleted target
geo:, level:, payout:
--2020-05-21 12:01:12
OFFERRUMNew target--Registration
geo:Finland, level:0, payout:12 EUR
2020-04-15 16:01:32
OFFERRUMDeleted targetRegistration
geo:Ireland, level:0, payout:12 EUR
--2020-04-15 16:01:32
OFFERRUMNew target--Депозит
geo:Ireland, level:0, payout:0 EUR
2020-04-08 16:01:34
OFFERRUMDeleted targetДепозит
geo:Ireland, level:0, payout:0 EUR
--2020-04-08 12:01:34
MobytizeNew target--Sign up
geo:Luxembourg, level:0, payout:9 eur
2019-10-24 16:01:13


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