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TargetTypeGeoPayoutЦена на лендеHoldPostclickApprove rate (%)AN
- iOS CPLAustraliaAustralia121.16161.68 EURн/дn/an/aNo data4
- iOS CPLGreat BritainGreat Britain334.63684.64 EURн/дn/an/aNo data4
Correct registration CPLGermanyGermany Great BritainGreat Britain SwedenSweden370.026.00 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Активный игрок (Казино) CPLGermanyGermany Great BritainGreat Britain IrelandIreland NetherlandsNetherlands SwedenSweden4416.184416.18 RUBн/дn/a3No data4
Активный игрок (Спорт) CPLGermanyGermany Great BritainGreat Britain IrelandIreland NetherlandsNetherlands SwedenSweden2208.092208.09 RUBн/дn/a3No data4
Comission CPLWhole worldWhole world2220.1236.00000 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Comission CPLGermanyGermany Great BritainGreat Britain1554.08425.20000 USDн/дn/an/aNo data5
Comission CPLGreat BritainGreat Britain225.09553.65 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Comission CPLAustraliaAustralia3700.260.00 USDн/дn/an/aNo data4
Оплата за депозит CPLGreat BritainGreat Britain3579.63579.60 RUBн/дn/a30No data1
Регистрация от уникального игрока CPLBelgiumBelgium GermanyGermany Great BritainGreat Britain IrelandIreland SwedenSweden276.32276.32 RUBн/дn/a3No data4
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CityAdsОплата за депозитGreat BritainPayout3586.42 RUB3579.60 RUB2018-05-27 01:20:47
CityAdsОплата за депозитGreat BritainPayout3587.54 RUB3586.42 RUB2018-05-26 01:24:26
CityAdsОплата за депозитGreat BritainPayout3587.48 RUB3587.54 RUB2018-05-25 01:28:39
CityAdsОплата за депозитGreat BritainPayout3588.02 RUB3587.48 RUB2018-05-24 01:17:28
CityAdsОплата за депозитGreat BritainPayout3665.78 RUB3588.02 RUB2018-05-23 01:27:56
CityAdsОплата за депозитGreat BritainPayout3641.61 RUB3665.78 RUB2018-05-22 01:23:31
CityAdsОплата за депозитGreat BritainPayout3642.79 RUB3641.61 RUB2018-05-20 01:17:20
CityAdsОплата за депозитGreat BritainPayout3643.58 RUB3642.79 RUB2018-05-19 01:20:22
CityAdsОплата за депозитGreat BritainPayout3674.61 RUB3643.58 RUB2018-05-18 00:41:54
CityAdsОплата за депозитGreat BritainPayout3642.41 RUB3674.61 RUB2018-05-17 01:19:09
CityAdsОплата за депозитGreat BritainPayout3664.45 RUB3642.41 RUB2018-05-16 01:19:46
CityAdsОплата за депозитGreat BritainPayout3257.29 RUB3664.45 RUB2018-05-15 17:22:38
CityAdsОплата за депозитGreat BritainPayout3243.82 RUB3257.29 RUB2018-05-15 01:21:34

Allowed traffic types History:

ANTraffic typeWhatDate
CityAdsSMS sendingWas allowed2017-06-13 13:17:20
CityAdsNew target--Оплата за депозит
geo:Great Britain, level:0, payout:3579.60 RUB
2018-04-15 01:13:38
CityAdsDeleted targetОплата за депозит (на время фестиваля Grand National)
geo:Great Britain, level:0, payout:1273.18 RUB
--2018-04-15 01:13:38
CityAdsNew target--
geo:, level:, payout:
2018-04-13 01:13:26
CityAdsDeleted targetОплата за депозит
geo:Great Britain, level:0, payout:3529.57 RUB
--2018-04-13 01:13:26
CityAdsNew target--Активный игрок (Спорт)
geo:Germany, level:0, payout:2208.09 RUB
2017-06-13 13:17:20
CityAdsDeleted targetВнесение депозита от 10$
geo:Belgium, level:0, payout:2543.53 RUB
--2017-06-13 13:17:20
AdsmainNew target--Comission
geo:Whole world, level:0, payout:36.00000 USD
2017-01-27 00:26:43
AdsmainDeleted targetComission
geo:Great Britain, level:0, payout:36.00000 USD
--2017-01-27 00:26:43


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