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Предсказания от Ааши

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ClickDealerComissionIndiaPayout0.3711 USD0.3741 USD2016-12-03 14:07:01
ClickDealerComissionAustralia Great BritainPayout1.2724 USD1.2826 USD2016-12-03 14:05:35
ClickDealerComissionIndiaPayout0.3727 USD0.3711 USD2016-12-02 14:07:16
ClickDealerComissionAustralia Great BritainPayout1.2778 USD1.2724 USD2016-12-02 14:05:50
ClickDealerComissionIndiaPayout0.3714 USD0.3727 USD2016-12-01 14:07:13
ClickDealerComissionAustralia Great BritainPayout1.2732 USD1.2778 USD2016-12-01 14:05:44
ClickDealerComissionIndiaPayout0.3729 USD0.3714 USD2016-11-30 14:07:00
ClickDealerComissionAustralia Great BritainPayout1.2785 USD1.2732 USD2016-11-30 14:05:38
ClickDealerComissionIndiaPayout0.3708 USD0.3729 USD2016-11-29 14:07:24
ClickDealerComissionAustralia Great BritainPayout1.2715 USD1.2785 USD2016-11-29 14:05:49
ClickDealerComissionIndiaPayout0.3703 USD0.3708 USD2016-11-27 14:07:13
ClickDealerComissionAustralia Great BritainPayout1.2694 USD1.2715 USD2016-11-27 14:05:45
ClickDealerComissionIndiaPayout0.3686 USD0.3703 USD2016-11-26 14:07:17
ClickDealerComissionAustralia Great BritainPayout1.2637 USD1.2694 USD2016-11-26 14:05:41
ClickDealerComissionIndiaPayout0.3718 USD0.3686 USD2016-11-25 14:06:47
ClickDealerComissionAustralia Great BritainPayout1.2748 USD1.2637 USD2016-11-25 14:05:25
ClickDealerComissionIndiaPayout0.3726 USD0.3718 USD2016-11-24 14:06:47
ClickDealerComissionAustralia Great BritainPayout1.2774 USD1.2748 USD2016-11-24 14:05:15
ClickDealerComissionIndiaPayout0.3709 USD0.3726 USD2016-11-23 14:11:52
ClickDealerComissionAustralia Great BritainPayout1.2717 USD1.2774 USD2016-11-23 14:09:13

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Data Collecting is in progress...


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