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ClickDealerComissionFrancePayout1.5525 USD1.5556 USD2017-04-23 13:13:45
ClickDealerComissionFrancePayout2.4090 USD2.4139 USD2017-04-23 13:13:44
ClickDealerComissionFrancePayout1.5548 USD1.5525 USD2017-04-22 13:27:58
ClickDealerComissionFrancePayout2.4126 USD2.4090 USD2017-04-22 13:27:58
ClickDealerComissionFrancePayout1.5553 USD1.5548 USD2017-04-21 13:16:27
ClickDealerComissionFrancePayout2.4134 USD2.4126 USD2017-04-21 13:16:27
ClickDealerComissionFrancePayout1.5447 USD1.5553 USD2017-04-20 13:15:31
ClickDealerComissionFrancePayout2.3969 USD2.4134 USD2017-04-20 13:15:30
ClickDealerComissionFrancePayout1.5399 USD1.5447 USD2017-04-19 13:16:49
ClickDealerComissionFrancePayout2.3895 USD2.3969 USD2017-04-19 13:16:49
ClickDealerComissionFrancePayout1.5391 USD1.5399 USD2017-04-18 13:33:52
ClickDealerComissionFrancePayout2.3883 USD2.3895 USD2017-04-18 13:33:52
ClickDealerComissionFrancePayout1.5411 USD1.5391 USD2017-04-16 13:15:37
ClickDealerComissionFrancePayout2.3913 USD2.3883 USD2017-04-16 13:15:37
ClickDealerComissionFrancePayout1.5470 USD1.5411 USD2017-04-15 13:13:15
ClickDealerComissionFrancePayout2.4005 USD2.3913 USD2017-04-15 13:13:15
ClickDealerComissionFrancePayout1.5399 USD1.5470 USD2017-04-15 03:13:52
ClickDealerComissionFrancePayout2.3895 USD2.4005 USD2017-04-15 03:13:52

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Data Collecting is in progress...


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