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TargetTypeGeoPayoutЦена на лендеHoldPostclickApprove rate (%)AN
Confirmed order CPLKyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan175175 RUB990 RUB0720No data1
Confirmed order CPLUzbekistanUzbekistan200200 RUB990 RUB0720No data1
Confirmed order CPLMoldovaMoldova375375 RUB990 RUB0720No data1
Confirmed order CPLKazakhstanKazakhstan400400 RUB1 RUB0720No data1
Confirmed order CPLArmeniaArmenia SlovakiaSlovakia SloveniaSlovenia500500 RUB990 RUB0720No data1
Confirmed order CPLBelarusBelarus RussiaRussia UkraineUkraine550550 RUB990 RUB0720No data1
Confirmed order CPLAustriaAustria BelgiumBelgium BulgariaBulgaria CroatiaCroatia CyprusCyprus and further 15600600 RUB990 RUB0720No data1
Confirmed order CPLRussiaRussia700700 RUB1 RUB0720No data1
Confirmed order CPLEstoniaEstonia LatviaLatvia LithuaniaLithuania PolandPoland750750 RUB990 RUB0720No data1
Confirmed order CPLGermanyGermany900900 RUB990 RUB0720No data1
Confirmed order CPLKyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan175175.00 RUB1990.00 KGSn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLUzbekistanUzbekistan200200.00 RUB290000.00 UZSn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLArmeniaArmenia500500.00 RUB13990.00 AMDn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLSlovakiaSlovakia500500.00 RUB39.00 EURn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLSloveniaSlovenia500500.00 RUB7990.00 EURn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLRussiaRussia550550.00 RUB1990.00 RUBn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLBelarusBelarus550550.00 RUB39.00 BYNn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLUkraineUkraine550550.00 RUB399.00 UAHn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLKazakhstanKazakhstan550550.00 RUB7590.00 KZTn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLRomaniaRomania600600.00 RUB139.00 RONn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLCyprusCyprus GreeceGreece600600.00 RUB29.00 EURn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLCroatiaCroatia600600.00 RUB299.00 HRKn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLSerbiaSerbia600600.00 RUB2990.00 RSDn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLBelgiumBelgium FranceFrance ItalyItaly LuxembourgLuxembourg NetherlandsNetherlands PortugalPortugal SpainSpain600600.00 RUB39.00 EURn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLGreat BritainGreat Britain600600.00 RUB39.00 GBPn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLSwedenSweden600600.00 RUB39.00 SEKn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLBulgariaBulgaria600600.00 RUB59.00 BGNn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLSwitzerlandSwitzerland600600.00 RUB60.00 CHWn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLAustriaAustria600600.00 RUB60.00 EURn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLCzech RepublicCzech Republic600600.00 RUB790.00 CZKn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLHungaryHungary600600.00 RUB8900.00 HUFn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLPolandPoland750750.00 RUB159.00 PLNn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLEstoniaEstonia LatviaLatvia LithuaniaLithuania750750.00 RUB24.00 EURn/a360No data1
Confirmed order CPLGermanyGermany900900.00 RUB39.00 EURn/a360No data1
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CpagettiConfirmed orderRomaniaЦена на лендинге0139.00 RON2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderArmeniaЦена на лендинге013990.00 AMD2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderPolandЦена на лендинге0159.00 PLN2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderKyrgyzstanЦена на лендинге01990.00 KGS2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderRussiaЦена на лендинге01990.00 RUB2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderEstonia Lithuania LatviaЦена на лендинге024.00 EUR2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderCyprus GreeceЦена на лендинге029.00 EUR2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderUzbekistanЦена на лендинге0290000.00 UZS2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderCroatiaЦена на лендинге0299.00 HRK2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderSerbiaЦена на лендинге02990.00 RSD2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderBelarusЦена на лендинге039.00 BYN2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderBelgium Germany Spain France Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Portugal SlovakiaЦена на лендинге039.00 EUR2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderGreat BritainЦена на лендинге039.00 GBP2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderSwedenЦена на лендинге039.00 SEK2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderUkraineЦена на лендинге0399.00 UAH2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderBulgariaЦена на лендинге059.00 BGN2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderSwitzerlandЦена на лендинге060.00 CHW2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderAustriaЦена на лендинге060.00 EUR2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderKazakhstanЦена на лендинге07590.00 KZT2018-01-12 22:33:40
CpagettiConfirmed orderCzech RepublicЦена на лендинге0790.00 CZK2018-01-12 22:33:40

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CpagettiNew target--Confirmed order
geo:Switzerland, level:0, payout:600.00 RUB
2017-12-06 20:01:38
CpagettiDeleted targetConfirmed order
geo:Turkey, level:0, payout:600.00 RUB
--2017-10-19 13:01:48
CpagettiNew target--Confirmed order
geo:Kyrgyzstan, level:0, payout:175.00 RUB
2017-09-01 16:01:04
ShakesDeleted targetConfirmed order
geo:Ukraine, level:0, payout:500 RUB
--2017-04-21 13:01:09
ShakesNew target--
geo:, level:, payout:
2017-03-09 20:01:08
ShakesNew target--
geo:, level:, payout:
2017-03-02 18:01:09
ShakesDeleted targetConfirmed order
geo:Turkey, level:0, payout:600 RUB
--2017-02-15 12:01:07


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