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Rschip - tuning boxes to increase the capacity of the car.

RSchip - this Italian tuning boxes to increase the power of atmospheric and turbocharged engines. RSchip is a unique product and is suitable for atmospheric engines, which makes it very attractive for the Russian market, where most of the vehicles are not equipped with a turbine. This product is the market leader in chip-tuning in Russia.

Customer Benefits:

  • Support for atmospheric (non-turbocharged) engines.
  • It does not affect the warranty of new avtomobilya.Otsutstvie intervention in the staffing software engine control unit.
  • Adapted for Russia. All products have been adapted to the fuel and operating conditions of a car in Russia, which has a positive effect on the efficiency and guaranteed returns. Sales in Russia are carried out in 2009, which excludes the possibility of today any errors due to lack of adaptation.
  • smartphone management. 3 mode of operation, including the fuel-saving mode up to 20%. Possibility flashing under another car.
  • Fuel consumption is reduced by up to 20% while maintaining the style of driving.
  • Easy to install, does not require highly skilled installers.
  • Aluminium case. Protection against moisture and mechanical stress.
  • Fast shipping. The entire product range is available from stock in Russia. The delivery rate from one day.
  • Test drive for pokupatelya.Blok can be provided to each customer 14 days testing.
  • Professional technical support.  
  • Individual approach. The software is developed individually for each type of vehicle engine, which allows to take into account the specific features of the equipment (designed more than 4,000 programs for different car brands).


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